B&W – Nautilus Caracol

Conhecendo melhor a famosa caixa da B&W.


Mais conhecida entre nós por “Nautilus Caracol”, esta caixa do fabricante inglês B&W ( www.bwspeakers.com ) ficou famosa pelo seu desenho revolucionário e por sua qualidade de som. Veja aqui alguns detalhes.

Vista frontal

Vista lateral

Detalhe do tweeter (no topo) e dos falantes de médias frequências.

Detalhe do alto-falante de graves e de seu gabinete.
Detalhe do tweeter e unidades de médias frequências.

Vista traseira da unidade de médios inferior.

Vista traseira da unidade de médios superior.

Vista traseira do falante de graves.

Detalhe do crossover ativo.

Processo de fabricação: moldagem do gabinete.

Preparação do gabinete.

Pintura do gabinete.

Detalhes Técnicos

Height: 1210mm (47.6in)
Width: 430mm (16.9in)
Depth: 1105mm (43.5in)

Net Weight
110kg / 243lb (loudspeaker: 60kg base: 50kg)

Freq. Response
25Hz – 20kHz ± 0.5dB on reference axis

Freq. Range
-6dB at 10Hz and 25kHz
Power Handling
100W – 500W into 8 ohms one amplifier channel is required for each drive unit. Electronic crossover supplied with speaker.

Drive Units
Unit 1: High Frequency: 2 domed units of anodised aluminium of similar construction, 50mm and 25mm in diameter, handle the 880Hz-3.5kHz and 3.5kHz-25kHz ranges respectively. All drive units are completely mounted on silicone rubber O-rings to decouple the from the cabinet
Unit 2: Mid-range/high frequency: From 220Hz to 880 Hz, a 100mm flat-fronted unit is employed to prevent the gentle cavity resonance found in conventional cone units at around 2kHz interfering with the output from the upper/midrange unit. A rare earth magnet assembly with hollow pole is used to minimise the obstruction to the rear radiation from the diaphragm.
Unit 3: Bass: A 9.5kg (21lbs) magnet with a 100mm (4in) voice coil acts as the massive motor of the 300mm (12in) bass unit (10Hz-220Hz). This, when used in the exponential line enclosure, results in a high-pass behaviour so over-damped that the traditional second-order characteristic is replaced by two distinct first-order slopes and no stored energy. A 250 micron one-piece aluminium cone ensures coherent motion to beyond 1.5kHz.

Midnight Blue, Black, Silver

Amplifier Description
One channel per drive unit 100 – 500 W into 8 ohms supplied with electronic crossover

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